So this will be my last blog post. Maybe for a while, or maybe forever, I don’t know for sure, but I just wanted to have a chance to write about the year. It’s been an extremely long year, with lots of good and bad.

At the beginning of the year I was sad and missing my friends who had graduated last year. I especially missed them during marching band season. But my mom encouraged me to be a good friend to someone younger than me, as those friends had been to me. I was skeptical at first because sometimes the younger kids are a little annoying, but I took this advice, and became really good friends with a really awesome girl. My only regret is not becoming friends with her sooner. If you keep an open mind about people you might become friends with someone really great.

This year also had a lot of successes which show that hard work really pays off. In the fall, I auditioned on my flute for All State, and after three years of auditioning I finally made it. Never give up and keep on practicing until you get what you want. Even if it doesn’t happen at first, it is bound to happen at some point if you keep on going at it. My concert band at school was also accepted to be the 4A honor band at the Iowa Band Master’s Association. I’ve always been a pretty independent person, but this just showed me that with a group, you can sometimes achieve really great things when everyone works hard and puts forth their best effort.

With good things also comes bad. There have been several disappointments this year. I won’t really go into detail, because why think about the bad when there is plenty good to think about, but it’s still important to remember the things that sucked. These are the things that really make us who we are. And as long as you pick yourself back up after something doesn’t go your way, there is nothing wrong with failure and disappointment.

I may only be a junior (well technically a senior now) in high school, but I still think I can offer a few bits of advice just from what I have learned this year from classes and my own experiences. If I could say one last thing it would be to read lots of books, listen to lots of music, and if you’re like me, don’t be afraid to take a break from working to have a little fun! Have a good life.


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