Well, hello. I haven’t blogged in forever. Also, this is the first time I’ve ever blogged without being forced to. So I guess this is a little weird for me, but hey we’re all new to everything when we first start.

I’m not really sure what direction this is going to be heading in. Maybe I’ll delete this tomorrow morning. It’s 9pm on a Saturday night, and I’m in Starbucks with ten other people. It was five. But now it’s ten, so I feel a little less pathetic. I was planning on doing homework but somehow I ended up here. Which is funny, because I haven’t thought about this blog in ages. Mostly because I don’t really write for fun or pleasure, but what the hell.

Monday is Halloween. But tonight everyone is dressing up and going out. Well, not me. I don’t even know what I would dress up as if I was going out. Most people wear some “sexy” version of some occupational costume. I don’t see myself doing that. But maybe it would be fun. I could be a “sexy” kitty. No, I honestly don’t know what I would be. When I was younger I loved being the most unique thing I could think of, but that usually entailed a huge cardboard box encasing my body. Not exactly sexy. Nor is it ideal for a bar.

Anyways, I decided at about 8pm or so that I would get on the bus and go to Starbucks for awhile to study. Or at least buy a Frappuccino. And that’s when I encountered a herd of rampant playboy bunnies. There was also a mermaid and a priest. All of which had cleavage spilling out of their tops, minus the priest. And that was only because the priest was a dude. Well, I was waiting on the stairs for the bus to come when I was caught in the middle of the mermaid and a guy in a basketball jersey talking about some formal or something. I wasn’t really sure why they chose to have their conversation right on top of me, but they did. Finally the bus arrived and I was free from the conversation that I was literally in. Little did I know, worse would be coming.

I squeezed my way to the front of the line- no, wait- crowd of people shoving their way onto the bus. My backpack proved to give me a slight advantage and I was able to get on the bus soon enough to  acquire a seat. I kind of hate standing on the bus because it makes my arm hurt to hold onto the bar above. It’s also just nice to sit, and not have to focus on balancing. But I was wrong. It was NOT nice to sit. Not tonight at least, when I had four lumberjack dicks in my face. It was impossible to turn away, because I was surrounded. Surrounded by lumberjack dicks. Maybe in a different context-or had they been real lumberjacks, not scrawny college freshman dressed as lumberjacks-this would have been great (just kidding, mom), but on the nasty campus bus it wasn’t great. Just awkward as hell.

Obviously I survived, because here I am. I don’t even know what the point of that story was. Maybe it was because that was the closest thing I had to excitement today. Other than when my roommate dropped off apple cider before heading out again. Actually, I think this story just proves how awkward it is to be on a bus on a Saturday night when almost everyone but you is heading to the bars.

I got a mocha Frappuccino. It was good. But the barista didn’t put chocolate syrup on the whip cream which was kind of sad. And now I’m just sitting here with my empty plastic cup watching guys with six packs of beer and girls dressed as “sexy” nurses and devils walk by outside the window. Not bad for a Saturday night. Maybe I’ll do some homework now. Or maybe I’ll start season six of Frasier. Yeah, that sounds good.


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