I don’t trust commercials.

So I was listening to Pandora, and one of those annoying ads came on. Except this time, it made me laugh. Not because it was actually funny, but because it was actually kind of stupid.

Maybe it’s just me, but does this line seem weird in a commercial trying to sell cars, which are THINGS?

“The most important things in life aren’t things, they’re people.”

Yeah, because that makes a lot of sense. While this is a great message, that is also very true, I don’t think it belongs in a car commercial. Or any commercial trying to sell something, for that matter. This is why I think advertisements are really stupid sometimes. In this case, it’s almost as if they think they can convince you to buy their product just because the commercial for it has a good message, even if that same message contradicts the purpose of the advertisement.

Here’s another one:

The message in this one about dads is pretty good, but I feel like it belongs somewhere other than a car commercial. Dads are supposed to always be there and it’s a job that takes a lot of work and blah blah blah, but what does this have to do with cars? Sure, a lot of the scenes in it have a car, but it doesn’t do a good job of really selling the actual car itself. But maybe that’s the point. Commercials target our values to try and sell us their product. It’s pretty sneaky if you think about it. If we really want to go all “AP Language and Composition” on it, you could say that commercials appeal to our emotions and values to persuade us to buy their product. So I guess it’s pretty cool that I can apply something I learned from this class to the function of a commercial. I don’t know if this tactic of using persuasion really works on me, but maybe that’s because I can recognize it!


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