Eating Insects

A major issue in our world is hunger. According to the World Food Programme, 805 million people do not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life. That’s about 1 out of every 9 people. There are several causes of this problem, and the World Food Programme gives six.

1. Being trapped in poverty: A lot of people who don’t have enough money for food are stuck in poverty because they can’t buy seeds or tools to grow crops. Another major issue is that people who are hungry lack the nutrients and energy they need to be able to earn money.

2. Not enough investment in agriculture: Developing countries lack agricultural infrastructure such as roads to transport food, warehouses to store food, and reliable sources of water for irrigation.

3. Climate and Weather: Climate change has had a huge effect on crop yields. Erosion, salinization, and desertification reduce the amount of fertile land for growing crops. Natural disasters such as flooding, tropical storms and drought also contribute to the lack of food in many countries.

4. Displacement caused by war: In war, food can be used as a weapon. By eliminating the enemy’s food source, the opponent can starve them. War also forces people to leave their homes.

5. Unstable Markets: Rising and falling food prices make in difficult for the poor to obtain food regularly throughout the year.

6. Food Wastage: A third of all food produced is wasted, which could have been used to feed starving people.

So the real question here is how can we fix this problem of worldwide hunger? The obvious answer would be to send food to those starving in developing countries, however there are other ways.

While I am not a vegetarian, being a vegetarian can actually help with world hunger. The amount of grain we put into one cow, for example, could feed a lot more people than one cow could. Another way we could have more food to go around, would be to eat insects. As gross as this sounds, it would really create a lot more food. But how can we get people to go along with eating insects? According to an article I read, we must do this by changing the stereotype that insects are gross, or disgusting. Before convincing people that eating insects will help reduce world hunger, we need to change what people think about insects. I think as we get older, sometimes we are less willing to try weird things because we are set in our ways. That why I think it would be beneficial to get kids eating insects at a young age before they get any ideas in their heads that insects are gross. It would be hard, and I don’t even know if I could do it, but I think eating insects or becoming vegetarian would be a good way to help combat hunger.




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