Spoiler Alert

While I’m not that much of a sports person, I love to watch Iowa basketball. Ever since last season, I love watching the games with my family. Often times, we’re too busy to watch the game live, so we record the games and watch them later that night. The only problem with doing that, however, is that it’s pretty easy to accidentally hear the score of the game. In fact this exact thing happened to me last Thursday night. A friend of mine told me that Iowa had lost to Michigan State before we had watched the game, and long story short, I ended up wasting an hour and half of my life watching a game I already knew the outcome to.

Jarrod Uthoff


This can happen in other situations as well. If you don’t watch the latest episode of your favorite TV show when it airs you risk the chance of finding out what happens ahead of time. Personally I hate knowing what’s going to happen in a movie or book before I’ve watched or read it, but a friend of mine actually turns to the back of books and read the ending before starting at the beginning. I think this is crazy, but I have actually found that a lot of people like to do this. According to a study done by Nicholas Christenfeld and Jonathan Leavitt, spoilers don’t actually ruin things.

So at this point, I was beginning to think that I was the crazy one for not liking spoiler. But then, I found a great article from The Atlantic, that made me feel a little better. It brings up research that spoilers can actually ruin things. It points out that in the Christenfeld-Leavitt study, stories were used that the readers weren’t emotionally invested in. This supports why people who have been watching a TV show for awhile hate to have the season finale ruined.

Whether you like spoilers or not, that’s for you to decide, but don’t be an ass hole and ruin it for someone else. šŸ™‚


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