Shaving My Legs

I haven’t shaved my legs in over two months.

I’m serious.

I know what some of you may be thinking. “Ew. Gross. Shave.” In reality though, not many people actually see my legs at all. It’s winter in Iowa and I wear pants every day. The only time I’m not wearing pants is when I’m in the shower, and I shower alone.

So really, no one ever sees my legs unless I deliberately show them, which surprisingly, I do quite often. It makes me quite proud how much hair I can grow on my legs. I don’t even mind what it looks like. It’s quite natural to have hair on my legs, but for some reason many don’t seem to agree. A lot of my friends and even my family cringe when they see my legs. They think it makes me look like a guy, which I guess I couldn’t really disagree with. My legs are about as hairy as my brother’s. But we’re all born with hair on our legs, so what’s so strange about a girl not shaving?

So where does one turn to when they have important life questions? The internet! I read a lot of articles about this topic and came up with a lot of information. Take a look at this short Buzzfeed video, that nicely sums up a lot of the things I read:


Something that often comes to mind when you picture a girl who doesn’t shave is feminism. People think a girl who doesn’t shave is trying to make a feminist statement. For me, this isn’t at all what I have in mind as I skip the razor in the shower (I do like shaving my armpits daily, however). When I don’t shave my legs, I save a lot of time, I produce less waste when it comes to razors, I don’t have to worry about razor burn, and a little extra fur on my legs keeps me warmer in the winter time (totally kidding). This summer, when I stayed at an organic self-sustainable farm, I noticed that the women there didn’t shave their legs, armpits, or other places where women commonly remove hair from. They weren’t doing it to make a point really, but rather, it just wasn’t necessary for them to shave to be happy. Even though I still shave and wear a little makeup sometimes, I strive to better myself by NOT changing myself. It really is freeing to learn to love yourself in your most natural state.

While I’m not trying to make a point by not shaving my legs, it has made me think about things. After growing my leg hair out for awhile, I’ve noticed how normal I feel in my own skin, or should I say hair. However, once shorts season rolls around there’s a 99% chance that I’ll shave my legs before revealing them to the public. I’m not denying the fact that smooth legs feels great sometimes, but I would definitely recommend growing your leg hair out at least once, just to try it. You never know, you just might like it!


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