The Best Of Times

So, I was listening to music today and a song by one of my favorite groups, Styx, came on. It’s called “The Best Of Times.” It’s not a Christmas song at all, but it got me thinking about some of the best times I’ve had at Christmas time. My last few posts have probably made it seem like I don’t like Christmas that much, so I thought I would share some of the things I love about the holiday.

When I was little, every year we would get out this little count-down to Christmas thing, that you would tie little candies to. We always struggled to tie on two for each day so that my brother and I each got one. Every day in December we would untie a little candy to eat before bed. It was always so exciting to see the candies slowly disappear as we impatiently waited for Christmas to come.

Another thing  I always loved, was decorating the tree. My family has always used an artificial tree. Each branch had a little piece of colored tape on the end that my brother and I sorted them by, to know which branches went on first. The thing that is great about our tree, is the ornaments. It’s so mismatched, but that’s what I love about it. It may not be the most attractive tree, but it tells a story with each ornament, many of which were homemade. One special ornament that we have is one of Santa surfing on a TV remote. My brothers and I have always argued over who would get to put it on the tree each year.

Ever since I was little I loved to make things for my family members on Christmas. I made something for everyone, including my parents, brothers, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. I have always enjoyed making things and giving them away. It always felt so nice to see someone open up something you worked hard on and to hear them say that they love it. Unfortunately time has become limited as I’ve grown older, so I can’t always make something for everyone, but I still try to give creative gifts that are special.

Christmas has become more and more commercialized, and I hope that you can step away from this to remember that real happiness comes from time spent with friends and family. Looking back on Christmas memories, it’s the happy times I have had with my family that I remember, not the stuff I got. Happy Holidays!



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