Things That Make My Head Hurt


1.Switching keys.

This week at my school’s holiday concert, I have the honor of playing a beautiful version of O Holy Knight arranged by Bradley Knight with the choir and orchestra. Unfortunately it switches keys four times, which happens to be a huge pain in the ass, especially when it goes between sharps and flats. It’s not THAT bad, but I’d rather not. I also love it when I’m switching between songs and my brain is like “let’s continue to play in the key of the last song, while everyone else plays everything right, that way you can look stupid.” Hooray!

2. Playing above the staff.

Playing flute requires you to play above the staff almost all the time, so I guess I’m just complaining about the inevitable. Again, it’s not that bad, but all the ledger lines clog up my brain. On top of that, playing up so high can get a little screechy when you factor in more than one or two flutes!

3. Piccolo

It makes me deaf and everyone within a mile (maybe a SLIGHT exaggeration) radius hates me. Enough said.

4. Pandora Ads

Sometimes the music I listen to is instrumental, especially when I’m doing homework. For some reason, this music tends to be a little quieter, so I always have to turn the volume up on Pandora more than usual. So there I am. Happily studying with a little music on in the background, when HEY PANDORA LISTENERS. The next thing I know, I’m deaf.

5. The sound of packing tape.

6. My Alarm

I’m pretty sure that almost 100% of people would agree with me on this one. I’m always sleeping so well, having the best dreams, when my alarm decides it’s time to go off. Technically I’m the one who decides when it goes off, but I still don’t like it. The worst part about it, is that I have my alarm set as one of my favorite Ed Sheeran songs, “Autumn Leaves,” so now I hate that song. I literally cringe whenever it comes on, because it always triggers this feeling of “ugh why is it morning already,” even when I’m not in bed.

7. Super Mario Bros. Wii

I have absolutely nothing against this game. In fact, it’s kind of fun. However, my little brother will always play it for awhile and then leave, but he doesn’t turn it off. I go about my business in the same room, doing what ever I’m doing. Then I have an actual moment of insanity because I realize that the background music of the game has been repeating for over an hour.

If I haven’t already convinced you that I’m crazy, then I’m certain that this did the trick. Happy Sunday people.


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