Powerful Messages I Learned From The Walk

While I love to listen to music because of what it teaches me through the lyrics and melody, I also learn a lot from books. When I say books, I don’t necessarily mean textbooks. A lot of books have very powerful messages, just as music does, that you can learn from. About a year ago, some friends of my family gave me a series of books to read. I knew they would be good, considering they were always lending me books that were very thought-provoking.


The series they had given me this time was called “The Walk.” It was about a man who had lost everything: his wife, his advertising company, and his house. He leaves his home in Seattle, Washington, and sets out on a journey to Key West, Florida by foot. Along the way he learns a lot about the places he visits, the people he meets, and himself. He also finds that there are many people besides himself that are suffering just as much as he is.

I would like to share three quotes with you from this series. The first comes from the third book, “The Road to Grace.”

“Once you have opened the book to another’s life, the cover never looks the same.”

I can’t even begin to count the number of times I have been surprised to learn something that I never knew about someone. Often times we think that a person is only made up of what we witness with our own eyes.

The next quote comes from the fifth book “Walking on Water.”

“Sometimes our arms are so full with the burdens we carry that it hinders our view of the load those around us are staggering beneath.”

This could not be any more true. Society has been built in such a way that a lot of focus is placed on the individual. We spend too much time thinking and worrying about our own problems that we miss what is going on with others around us.

The final line I have to share came from “Walking on Water,” as well.

“Usually the most interesting stories are written not on paper but hearts.”

Some people have the most amazing stories that can be discovered if you just take the time to talk to them. It could be something you would never expect. Maybe they need the support of someone. It could even be a story that inspires you.

Hopefully these three quotes got you thinking. I know I didn’t go into too much detail about each line, but I hope that you can take this and change the way you think of people. Judging people the first time you meet them is inevitable, but try not to let first impressions steer you away from someone. Forget about you and your own problems for a minute and learn something about someone else. It may allow you to see into someone who is struggling or hurting in the same ways that you are.

If you enjoyed this post, then I highly recommend you go check out Richard Paul Evans’ “Walk Series.” 🙂


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