Josh Groban

Up until this point, I haven’t really taken a post to talk completely about one person. However, today I decided, would be the perfect day to talk about one of my favorite singers, Josh Groban.


Yesterday, while trying to decide what I should blog about, I decided it would be a great time to talk about my favorite Christmas songs. It was then, that I realized that both of my favorite Christmas songs happen to be by Josh Groban. The first one is “O Holy Night.” We sing this song every year at my church’s Christmas Eve service. The sanctuary is dark except for the warm glow of candles that we each hold as we sing. It’s one of those rare moments when I feel a shiver go down my spine at the beauty surrounding me. This fond memory paired with Josh Groban’s beautiful voice is what makes me enjoy this song so much.

Another one of my favorite Christmas songs is “Believe.” You may know that this song comes from the movie, “The Polar Express.” While I am normally not too fond of Christmas movies, this one happens to be a favorite of mine. I would watch it all the time when I was younger. One time when I was in elementary school, they took us down to the cafeteria to watch the movie and drink hot chocolate. This song once again represents a memory from my past, which is why I enjoy it so much.

Aside from Christmas tunes, Josh Groban sings a variety of other amazing songs in English, Italian, Spanish, and French. I love music that is sung in different languages. Music doesn’t necessarily need to be sung in a language you are fluent in for you to understand the joy or sadness that is trying to be expressed. A few other songs by Josh Groban that I really like include “Now or Never,” “Oceano,” “February Song,” and “Awake,” but I could listen to any of his music and be satisfied.

The coolest thing about my love for Josh Groban is that it is a generational thing in my family. Not only does my mom love him, but my two aunts and my grandma love him as well. It’s common for there to be a difference in music taste between people of different ages, so I think it’s pretty great that three generations in my family share a common interest in a particular singer.

Although I began this post with Christmas songs in mind, it turns out that music is a great way to connect with your family!



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