What Happened To Children?

I was babysitting last night, and it occurred to me that childhood has changed. A lot.

When I was younger, I would spend hours playing with my brother, who is about a year and a half younger than me. We would play with Barbies and Rescue Heroes, ride our bikes around the neighborhood, and play in the backyard. We made up tons of complicated obstacle courses. We watched several hours of PBS. We had one of those ancient computers that we would play games on all afternoon. We were always coming up with new games, especially when our dad took us to Menards, which we both hated very much! What ever it was, we always found a way to entertain ourselves and have fun.

Today however, I see kids doing less of this and more of staring at screens. It’s not that I never stared at a screen when I was younger, but it was different. The games my brother and I played on the computer had educational value. There was this one game that I loved. It was called Orly’s Draw-A-Story. You could make up stories and color. It was so cool! We also played Reader Rabbit, Busy Town, and Arthur’s Reading Race, among many others. All of these games really taught us things, like reading, math, and eating healthy. They also encouraged creativity.

Orly and Lancelot from Orly’s Draw-A-Story
Reader Rabbit
Reader Rabbit
Busy Town
Busy Town

The two boys I babysat for last night, had tablets to play with, and iPod’s. It made me sad. I wish that kids could have had the experience I did when I was little. Even my own little brother, who is 9, had a much different childhood than my other brother and I. Kids these days are exposed to a lot more than I was, including inappropriate language and sex. My little brother knows way more than I did at his age. I think kids are really missing out. They aren’t truly able to be kids with all this technology around them. It’s true that people who never even had computers or TV could say the same about me, but it’s different. We never had games where people shot and killed each other like they do now. Even the TV shows seem to be going downhill. I often pass through the living room to see my little brother watching some TV show with sassy, and spoiled children in them. When I was little, we were too busy building houses with Bob The Builder, and listening to LeVar read to us on Reading Rainbow.

Kid’s are being changed by technology, and I don’t think it’s good. Sure, I had technology as a kid, but it taught me beneficial things. You know something is wrong, when the kids you babysit for are begging you to let them twerk around the room to Anaconda (this actually happened)!



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