My Scattered Thoughts on Music

I hate sounding like this strange nerd girl, freakishly obsessed with music, but…. I kind of am, so… yeah.


For me, music is everything. Not only am I involved in several things relating to music, such as concert band, orchestra, and marching band (among many other things, but I think you get the point), but I’m always listening to it as well. Whether I’m in the shower, doing homework, or trying to fall asleep, I always love to have my music playing. My kind of music is the kind that you can connect with, which essentially means everything. If a song can relate to my mood at any particular moment, then I like it.

I don’t really have a set genre that I always listen to (although I’m partial to those great songs from the 70s). It just depends on my mood. Music has this way of changing or magnifying your mood. Sad songs when you’re sad, make you sadder. Sometimes when I’m feeling sluggish, music can make me feel motivated. A lot of this has to do with lyrics, but that’s not really my focus today. Don’t get me wrong, lyrics are a very important part of a lot of music, but sometimes they aren’t, especially when you can’t even understand them.

Lately I’ve been really into French music. Which seems strange, because while I take French at my school, I’m not good enough to actually understand what they’re even singing. I also listen to French rap. I really have no idea why, but I do. It makes me feel really excited and motivated, and sometimes I just dance to it, alone, in my room (go ahead, laugh). I can’t even tell what they’re saying, but the music still manages to grab me. It’s less about the meanings of those songs, and more about how it makes me feel, the combination of the melody and the phonetic sounds. It takes me somewhere else when I’m listening to it, which sounds stereotypical and lame, but I don’t know how else to explain this without being stereotypical and lame. It’s how I escape from my desk. I can get up and let the music take me away from my homework. I’m really going to hate myself for this one, but I can dance like no one is watching (I hate it when the only way to express myself is to use these cringe-worthy, overused sayings, I apologize sincerely).

So anyways, I’m not really sure what just happened, but yeah…music. It’s great. Go listen to it. Who cares if you can’t even understand the lyrics? It’s about how the music itself makes you feel.



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