Don’t Stop at the Finish Line

It’s common knowledge that you shouldn’t give up on your goals in life. As they say, “if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!” But what if you do achieve your goal? Then what?

Last year, when I was a sophomore, I had made it my goal to be first chair once concert season rolled around. The previous year, I was second chair, so why not try to go even further? I worked super hard to achieve this goal. I practiced constantly, or so it seemed.

Finally, the time came for concert season to begin, and subsequently, our chair auditions. I had a great audition that landed me at the top of my section. I was very happy that I had finally gotten first chair, as that had been a very important goal of mine.

After that it was kind of hard to keep myself motivated. Since I had no one above me to push me to get better, it was easy for me to feel as though I had plateaued. Of course I had competition within other schools, but it wasn’t the same as looking over and seeing your competition sitting right next to you. I had to come up with some ways to keep myself pushing my limits to improve.

I found many ways to do this, but one in particular really helped me to stay motivated. I applied to several honor bands (basically a bunch of good, dedicated players combined into one band), which exposed me to several new players from all over. While I was better than some, there were other outstanding players that pushed me to work hard and improve myself.

So, the next time you achieve your goal, think about how you will motivate yourself to keep going. Don’t stop. Continue to grow in whatever you set your goals in. It doesn’t end after accomplishing one thing. There isn’t a finish line in this race!finish line

In case any one who read my last post is wondering on how my All-State audition went, it went quite well. I made it in! All of the hard work was worth it, but I won’t stop here. These next few weeks before All-State, I will be working hard on the music I must prepare for the festival concert. I can’t wait to be surrounded by so many great players that will continue to motivate me! Whatever you do, don’t stop at the finish line! Always strive to go even further than you’ve already gone!


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