Exploring Genres

The other day, a friend of mine left a post on her blog about book genres. This got me thinking of genres in music. There are so many different types of music ranging from pop to disco to classical to hard rock, that it is hard to name them all. However, I found a nearly complete list at Music Genres List.

While genres define types of music, they shouldn’t define what you listen to. In her post, my friend mentioned that “you need to read books of different genres to understand and appreciate different styles of writing.” I think it is the same exact way when it comes to music. The more types of music you expose yourself to, by listening to songs of different genres, the more cultured you will be in the world of music.

In my experience, I really don’t have a favorite genre of music. Sure, there are certain styles that I may listen to more often than others, but in general, I like to listen to a vast range of different genres. I don’t decide to listen to songs that come from a particular genre because the music fits my personality, but rather based on my mood or feelings. I guess you could say that I don’t pick the music, but the music picks me.

Instead of listening to a particular type of music that I would say “defines” me, I listen to music based on how I feel or what I’m doing. I like to listen to calmer and more emotional songs when I am going to bed. When I study, I need music that doesn’t have lyrics (it’s a little difficult to write a paper when singing along to your favorite song). If I am exercising, I love music that leaves me feeling motivated and energized.

One of the best ways to find new music from genres you haven’t explored before, is through your friends. A friend of mine and I are always making mix cd’s (I realize that this makes me sound super backwards in the age of technology) for each other. We have a completely different taste in music, but we both enjoy to discover new songs  by sharing what we love with one another.

Mix CD

If you don’t have friends who want to make you mix cd’s, you should probably get new friends. All joking aside, Pandora is another great resource in finding new music. I find it really helpful when I want to listen to a certain type of music, because it will play a bunch of songs from what ever category you want. In the case that you REALLY don’t have friends who want to exchange mix cd’s, check out 8tracks. It’s a site where you can listen to playlists created by others, as well as upload your own.

I sincerely hope that this inspired you to try listening to something completely crazy and new that you have never even considered listening to before. You could totally hate it, but then again, it’s possible for you to find your next favorite song!


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