Every Performance is a Performance

The other night, as I sat cold and rained on at my high school’s football game, I thought about how important self-pride is when performing. We were not going to be wearing our uniforms that night to perform our halftime show because it was too wet outside. If you get the plume (the sparkly feathers on top of our heads) wet, it ruins it. On top of that, all the rain would make our uniforms really stink (or I guess MORE than they already do).
Anyways, we were getting ready to go on the field, but our directors were constantly having to remind us not to talk.

It must be some sort of common misconception that because we weren’t wearing our uniforms, we could talk and mess around during a time when we should be focusing and concentrating on what we were about to do. While this wasn’t really a formal performance (halftime isn’t scored like a competition is and we weren’t wearing our uniforms), it was a performance nonetheless.

You see this in life a lot- people slacking off because it’s not “important.” If you’re putting yourself out there however, then it will always be important. Anytime you go out and perform, whether singing, dancing, or playing an instrument you are showcasing yourself.  It doesn’t matter who is there watching you or how formal or informal a situation is; you still need to have the self-respect to perform with pride. Never perform at a level lower than you are capable of. This may seem like an obvious concept, but you would be surprised.

Often times, people get in a mentality where they think that they can be lazy, just because a performance isn’t as important. It just blows my mind that someone would not take an opportunity, no matter how small, to perform at their very highest level. I’m not saying that people don’t make mistakes. We all make mistakes, both big and small, when we are performing. It just happens. However, making mistakes because of carelessness is not acceptable.

Take every opportunity you have to perform, and really PERFORM. Don’t blow off the small performances in life. Use them to prepare for the big ones.  It doesn’t matter if you’re just playing for a couple of friends or a concert at school, or even a performance at Carnegie Hall; all of them are performances and all require you to perform with self-pride.



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