Some of the most powerful things in the world (aside from music) are words. To be more specific, words in the form of quotes. Whether they come from a book, movie, song, or speech, they tend to have a lasting effect on us. Actually, the fact that they have a lasting effect on us, is what makes certain groupings of words, quotes. What is it though, that makes us so intrigued by quotes?

Some quotes we can totally relate to, others hit us in the heart. Quotes make us laugh and smile. They can make us sad, motivated, or inspired. Sometimes, a quote just makes sense. Quotes can come from an old philosopher, a famous pop star, or even your favorite teacher, but the fact is, the words they said left an impression on you. If words are remembered, there must be something about them that makes people want to remember them.

Lately, I have been interested in quotes because of how they make me feel. I love coming across a quote that hits me in just the right way, exactly when I need to hear it the most. When we think of the word “quote,” we picture something said by someone famous and wise. You don’t have to be considered famous or wise to say something that will have a lasting effect on someone.

Today, quotes are an important part of our culture.  Often times we can’t find the words needed to express ourselves. Using quotes is a great way to do just that, using the words of someone else. While this sounds almost like plagiarism, I assure you that it is not if you give credit where it is due. To me, quoting someone is the same as saying, “I love what you said, and I want others to hear it too.”

I am leaving you with one of those quotes that just makes sense to me. Enjoy!



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